What We Get from the Sun

We Give Life with Energy

It is a necessity to meet the energy needs of future generations and to turn to sustainable energy sources without being dependent on foreign sources.

As Birleşim Group, we have started to serve in the energy sector by adding our knowledge and experience to our engineering power since the day we started our operations.

We Give Life With The Energy We Get From The Sun

It was established with the principle of generating energy from renewable energy sources with methods that do not put the future of humanity at risk and with the aim of taking an important place in the production potential that will be greatly needed in the future. In line with this principle and goal, the Company has focused on achieving high efficiency and financial success by utilizing the engineering know-how, know-how and technological experience of the Birleşim Group of Companies.

Energy is from Nature, we are responsible for protecting nature


Eco-Friendly Energy...

Birleşim Green Energy shows its determination to invest in the renewable energy sector, primarily solar energy, in our country, which is one of the world’s leading solar energy areas with a sunshine duration of 2663 hours and a solar radiation value of 1527 kWh / m2, and thus to contribute to the national economy and to protect the environment and nature with the carbon emissions it prevents.